10 Best Job To Earn Money During Sem Break

Sem Break Part Time Job 2015

Semester breaks vary in length by university (and colleges). However, finding a job over semester break can be challenging for a student.

Today, Simple Lifestyle put together these Top 10 Semester Break Job for you. Additionally, several job sites exclusively for Malaysian University Students

1) Restaurant Waiter

Restaurant Waiter

Being a waiter/waitress during your semester break could be the best job, as they don't require a lot of skills. As a higher education student, we all know how tough it is to "survive" through the examination and the assignment. We will surely want to allow our brain to rest for months after the overloads long study semester. So, waiter/waitress would be the best choice after all. 

You may apply for a part time waiter/waitress position at your local restaurant to occupy the semester break. Work at your favorite restaurant or cafe and you may get to eat and drink for free every single day until you get sick of it. 

Interestingly, Simple Lifestyle has found extra benefits for being a waiter, the most attractive part must be the tips! Anyway, you may read The Pros and Cons of Being a Waiter / Waitress to find out more!

2) Babysitting


When we say babysitting, is not we mean only to be a nanny who spent days & night watching after kids. You can also work at a Daycare, where basically taking care of children's homework, playtime, and their daily routine. Daycare Market has been arisen in Malaysia a few years ago, especially in the city where parents have no time for kids before and after their school time, will be sent to Daycare Center. Since the demand is rising, they would need more hands to take care of their children. 

This could be well-paid work for students, however, it's not an easy task, as the saying goes, "Children are Angels, until they learned to speak". But, if you are a super child-lover, there no job like this one would fit you best. 

To find a Daycare Job, check out any Daycare Center nearby your house. Some might not listing any vacancies, but you can always ask them politely in the office. Last reminder, don't forget to show your love to the kids!

3) Data Entry Job

Data Entry

Most university/college students should familiar with this job. Data Entry is basically entering information into an electronic using word processing or data processing software. Usually require no analysis and experience, as long as you know how to use the software that they requested on, mostly Microsoft Programs. 

Data Entry Job is where an agency/company having too much workloads and required a part timer to complete their simple information entry works, as their full time (Professional or Experienced) employees can work on more challenging tasks. This position is in a high demand as the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) would like to save their cost when hiring a Part Time Data Entry. 

The data entry job ranging from sales data, financial data (more like bookkeeping), customers information. You may work with a company, which some required to be on-site (to be in the office), while some allow you to work at home. Working with company you can expect at least RM 300 (small company) and up to RM 1000 for skilled-position (e.g. Account Clerks). 

Students can also work as a freelancer by searching their job on the Freelance Job Platform, including Freelancer and Upwork.

4) Promoters


It is undeniable that the most common job for students is the Promoter. Shopping centers are looking for extra help around this time of year (Festival Season). It not an difficult task to get a promoter position. After all, we would advise you to understand your interest and work for what you passionate in. To make it simple, if you doesn't like pets, make sure you don't work in a pet store. 

Moreover, always understand the terms and condition before working. Promoter is not a well-paid job (Except for Luxury Product's Promoter), so if you really want to earn more, you will need to work hard to get more sales in order to earn more commission. Remember, "commission" is the gold mine in promoter job. Always ask for the basic pay and the commission pay, mostly are 5 ~ 10%, depending on the product selling. 

To get a promoter job, head to the nearest shopping and search for any shop that paste the notice of available vacancy. Walk in or call the person in-charge to arrange an interview. The other way is to stay alert on the internet for any Event, Fair or Exhibition that recruiting promoter. 

Just a quick reminder, if you're not an extrovert, then promoter would not be the best choice for you.

5) Bookstores


Another great working opportunity for university student would be in bookstores, usually as a store assistance or general employees, where basically do all the book arranging, stock managing, cashier, and customer service. They may shift you from one position to another when needed, so don't get surprised when they ask you to help with those heavy boxes. 

Simple Lifestyle has made a little survey on the market as Popular offers the part time opportunity, especially during their Exhibition, which run throughout the year at different location. Check out their page for more detail. 

Secondly, Pustaka Rakyat will be the runner-up who also providing working opportunities for part time student, however, their branch are relatively fewer, compared to Popular and other.

Other options would be Borders, MPH, and Kinokuniya which offers a limited number of part time position. There are also small local bookstores around your residential area, contact them to inquire about part time position.

6) Paid Seasonal Internships


Alright, there is companies looking for interns to fill their empty position in the company. These positions are always available because companies would spend less to employ an intern compared to a full time employee. Don't get fed up when you heard the lesser pay, some company pay up to RM 1000 for intern, especially for skilled position, including, programming, accounting, technician, construction, science-related, engineering-related and other job. 

Get in contact with the HR department of a company related to your field and propose an internship for an extra hand help at the office during your semester break.

7) Tutoring


If you are very patient (or strict) and love to teach, why don't consider to be a tutor. There wouldn't be much problem for a university/college student to teach secondary or primary students. All you need you to get your mind, refresh on those syllabus learnt back  in the days.  

There are basically 3 ways to get a tutor job. First, head to a Tuition Center and ask for a position. This way is the most effective (perhaps, the fastest) way to get a tutor job. The particular center will be testing your teaching ability before they actually employ you. Moreover, you stand a chance to get a long-term part time position here.

Secondly, Home Tuition is another way of getting a tutor job. To be a home tutor, you will require own transportation to travel to your student's house. You may register on the Home Tuition Website to post your skill and experience allow parents to approach you. These are several sites: Tuition Job, My Private Tutor, and Tuition Plaza

You may also consider teaching near your neighborhood. If you are staying in an apartment, the boy and girl next door would be your customer. Ask their parents kindly to offer your service. If you have been treating them well, they will definitely accept the offer. 

8) IT Freelance

 IT Freelance

As we have mentioned-above, IT-related field could bring great pay for student as they are skilled-position and highly demanded in Malaysia Market. Bear in mind, most SME just started to take their step forward to this IT field and require some help (especially the cost-saving one). So it's time for all the IT expert to grab their gagdets and head to the front-line. Freelance Job Platform such as Freelancer and Upwork are the best sources for students who like to work at home. You can also search for local Part Time Job Site like Part Time Post

The job ranging from programming, web development, mobile development, designer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM).... Remember, the pay-scale depends on your skill, quality of work, and the difficulty of the tasks. (Of course, it's also depends who you work with)

9) Be a distributor

Being a distributor may not be everyone favors, but it's no doubt the easiest job that you could get. Advertising companies are consistently seeking for flyer distributor to give away their handbills.

The distributor is not limited to distributing flyers, there are also distributors work for handing out sample, usually during the events or exhibitions. 

To get a distributor job, head to any flyer printing shop around your house and ask for any distributing position. 

10) Writer


This is always my favorite job during the semester break! Working as an online writer is challenging, especially when you were asked to write topic out of your niche. This happens quite frequently when you are working with an article writing company. So, get yourself out of the comfort zone and start learning something new today!

Just like other freelance job, freelance writer can enjoy flexible working hour and environment (mostly in your room or on your bed). Despite everyone can write, but not everyone can create quality contents.

Freelance writer jobs can be found at any of the Freelance Job Platform. If you think that you're a skillful writer, why don't you consider to offer your writing service on Fiverr? For an entry-level writer, don't expect online writing is just the same as writing an essay in your examination. You will need to equip yourself with some SEO Writing Skill before you can get your step into this field.

That's the end of the list, Simple Lifestyle wish you a Happy Semester Break and All the Best!